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R.C.A.F. Units Are Renumbered

As one of the first steps towards realization of this plan for distinctively Canadian units, a special series of numbers was allotted to the existing R.C.A.F. squadrons and those projected. The R.C.A.F.'s numbers were to be from 400 to 448. Thus, on March 1st, 1941, 110 Squadron became 400 R.C.A.F. Squadron; No. 1 Fighter Squadron and the original 112 Army Co-operation Squadron, which since December 9th, 1940, had been known as No. 2 Fighter Squadron, were also given new numbers.

A short history of Canada's Air Force

History of the RCAFThe first Candian Air Force was formed in 1918, read more about the evolution of Canada's Air from the early days of aviation to the high tech air force of today.


History of the RCAFOrders of Battle give a snapshot of the strength and disposition of the air force at selected points in history. The following should present the reader with a good representation of how Canada's Air Force has changed over the years.

Candian Forces Snowbirds

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Comox Air Force Museum

The Comox Air Force Museum (CAFM), was founded in 1982 to reflect the role and history of 19 Wing (CFB/RCAF/RAF) Comox, the role and history of the Squadrons stationed here and significant Canadian Military Aviation of Western Canada. Originally started as a part of the Air Force Indoctrination School, the Museum was accredited as a stand-alone Canadian Forces Museum in 1987 and opened its doors to the public in its current location, 12 September 1987.

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No. 6 (RCAF) Group

A site dedicated to the men and women who supported and serviced the 6 Group aircraft, and to the brave crews who flew the from their airfields in North Yorkshire, day after day and night. May their contribution never be forgotten. This site by Richard Koval was previously hosted on

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British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

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The Battle of Britain

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No. 6 (RCAF) Group

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No. 439 Squadron (Unofficial) Hompage

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