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No. 446 Squadron


No. 446 Squadron Badge In front of two swords in saltire a Griffin sergeant. The Griffin, a fabulous creature with the body of a lion and head and wings of an eagle, is a combination of two of the most powerful beasts. Its function is reputedly that of a guardian of treasure and, therefore, it is symbolic of watchfulness, alluding in this way to the unit's role in the defence of the North American Continent. The two-handed swords refer to the weight of the units armament.


Formed as a Surface-to-Air Missile unit at North Bay, Ontario on 28 December 1961, the squadron was equipped with nuclear-armed Bomarc surface-to-air missiles for North American air defence. On 1 February 1968 the squadron was integrated into the Canadian Armed Forces. The Squadron was disbanded in the early 1970's along with the BOMARC missles.


CIM-10B Bomarc

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