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No. 440 Squadron

City of Ottawa, Red Bat

No. 440 Squadron  Badge Its Badge, a bat in front of clouds. The bat suggestive of night flying and use of radar, and the cloud conditions of poor visibility.

Motto: KA GANAWAITAK SAGUENAY - "He who protects the Saguenay"
Ancestry: No. 111 (F) Squadron

No. 111 Fighter Squadron was transferred overseas and renumbered on arrival as No. 440 Squadron in February 1944. The squadron was initially equipped with Hawker Hurricane Mk IV's, later converting the Hawker Typhoon Mk IB in February 1944. The Squadron formed No. 143 Wing, along with Nos. 438 and 439 squadrons, RCAF, and were involved during the spring in the pre-invasion 'softening-up' raids and then flew in the close support role with No. 83 Group, 2nd TAF. Based on the continent in the fighter bomber role few aerial engagements took place but No. 440 was able to claim 1 aerial victory.

Reformed as an AW(F) Squadron at Bagotville, Quebec, on 1 October 1953 and equipped with F-86 Sabres and, later, CF-100s. On 11/12 May 1957, No. 440 AW(F) Squadron flew from Bagotville to Zweibrucken, Germany, to take its place with No. 3 (F) Wing, No. 1 Air Division. It was the third CF-100 unit to fly the Atlantic and was known as Nimble Bat III. The squadron was disbanded on 31 December 1962.

No. 440 squadron reformed as a Search & Rescue squadron based at CFB Namao (Edmonton), Alberta and equipped with the CC-138 Twin Otter which were shared with 418 City of Edmonton Reserve Squadron. The squadron moved to Yellowknife, NWT in 1994, where it remains today as a transport/rescue squadron equipped with the CC-138 Twin Otter.

Battle Honours:
Fortress Europe 1944, France and Germany 1944-45, Normandy 1944, Arnhem Rhine Aleutians 1942-43

  • Hurricane IV (February 1944 - April 1944)
  • Typhoon IB (April 1944 - August 1945)
  • Sabre
  • CF-100 Canuck
  • CC-138 Twin Otter

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