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No. 415 Squadron


No. 415 Squadron  Badge A Swordfish, and motto indicates the squadron's operational duties in attacking enemy shipping.

Motto: AD METAM - "To The Mark"

No. 415 Squadron was formed at Thorney Island, Hampshire, on August 20, 1941, and until the summer of 1944 had a torpedo-bomber role and served with Coastal Command. From its inception until November 1943, it flew Hampdens and during this period-operating, at different times, from Thorney Island, St. Eval, North Coates, Wick and Leuchars-made numerous bomb and torpedo attacks on enemy shipping, enemy-occupied ports and port installations. In October, 1943 the squadron re-equipped with Wellington's and Albacore's. Operating from Bircha Newton, soon became expert in tracking down E- and R-boats. Many E-boats were destroyed or damaged and, eventually, night patrols in connection with preparations for the invasion of Normandy were flown over the Channel. In the actual D-Day operations No. 415 assisted in laying smoke screens for the Allied Naval Forces. In July, 1944 came the transfer to No. 6 (RCAF) Group of Bomber Command and RCAF station East Moor. Equipped with Halifax III's the squadron now assumed a heavy-bomber role and renewed operations on the 29th of July, attacking Hamburg. In July of 1944 the squadron was transferred to Bomber Command and flew the Halifax Mk III and Halifax Mk VII on 104 missions in just 9 months of operational flying. The squadron was disbanded May 1945. No. 415 Squadron reformed as a Maritime Patrol unit at Summerside, Prince Edward Island on 1 May 1961 as the fourth and last squadron formed in Maritime Air Command, the unit flew Argus aircraft on the East Coast Upon integration into the Canadian Armed Forces No. 415 Squadron was a long-range anti-submarine/maritime patrol squadron based at CFB Summerside, PEI. The squadron was equipped with the CP-107 Argus until 1981 when it was replaced with the 'Canadianized' version of the P-3C Orion the CP-140 Aurora.

On July 1, 1981 the squadron moved form CFB Summerside to CFB Greenwood where it remains today flying the CP-140 Aurora and CP-140A Arcturus.

Battle Honours:
Atlantic 1942, English Channel & North Sea 1942 - 1945, France & Germany 1944 - 1945, Ruhr 1944 - 1945, Rhine German Ports 1944 - 1945, Normandy 1944, Biscay 1942 - 1943

  • Beaufort I (September 1941 - February 1942)
  • Hampden I (January 1942 - September 1943)
  • Wellington XIII (September 1943 - July 1944)
  • Albacore I (October 1943 - July 1944)
  • Halifax III/VII (July 1944 - May 1945)
  • CP-107 Argus
  • CP-140 Aurora

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