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Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2C

The B.E. 2 (Bleriot Experimental) , designed and built by the Royal Aircraft Factory, was one the first British military aircraft used operationally in 1914. The most important innovation in the B.E.2C was the use of staggered wings and the installation of true ailerons on both the upper and the lower wings. The ailerons replaced the earlier wing warping controls used on the B.E.2A and B.E.2B. The B.E.2C also differed from earlier variants in that it had a triangular vertical fin added ahead of the rudder, and the rounded horizontal stabilizer was replaced with a rectangular...

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Cessna CO-119 BIRDDOG
Updated: Thursday May 16, 2013

Updated: Thursday May 16, 2013

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Visit the newest edition to the site, the Aircraft Serials Database. The database contains over 1000 pages and close 20,000 serial numbers. I could never come up with pictures and information for even a fraction of the aircraft. This is where I am looking for help. If you have log book entries or photographs of Canadian Air Force aircraft please use the form on the Aircraft Serials page and send us whatever information you may have about individual aircraft, this information will then be incorporated into the database for others to benefit from.