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After the successful introduction of the CH-118 Iroquois helicopter into CF service, a major improvement of the basic Bell model 204/205 was undertaken starting in 1968 on behalf of the US military. The uprated helicopter was based around the installation of the Canadian developed Pratt & Whitney PT-6T Twin-Pac power plant.

This involved two of the Canadian company's PT-6A turboshaft engines coupled to a common gear box which resulted in a significant increase in installed thrust with the benefit of enhanced twin-engine reliability. The Twin Huey development warranted a new model designation, and the 212 versions or UH-1N, as it was known in the US military,proved to be highly successful.

The CF recognized the potential of this new helicopter and ordered 50 Twin Hueys for general utility duties in support of Canadian land forces. The Twin Hueys were primarily flown in tactical aviation roles and were painted and equipped accordingly. The exception were three Twin Hueys which were devoted to Base Rescue Flight duties in Goose Bay, Labrador. Twin Hueys served with distinction in a wide variety of CF roles & missions.

aircraft specifications
CDN Reg: CH-135
Manufacturer: Bell Helicopter Textron
Crew / Passengers: 2 pilots & 1 Flight Engineer plus up to 13 passengers
Power Plant(s): one 1250 shp Pratt & Whitney T400-CP-400Twin-Pac turboshaft engine
Performance: Max Speed: 127 mph ( 204 km/h) Hover Ceiling: 9,300 ft ( 2,835 m)
Service Ceiling: 17,300 ft ( 5,273m) Range: 286 miles ( 460 km)
Weights: Empty: 6,000 lb ( 2,722 kg) Gross: 10,000 lb ( 4,536 kg)
Dimensions: Rotor Dia: 48 ft 2 1/2 in ( 14.69 m) Length: 57 ft 0 in ( 17.37 m)
Height: 14 ft 4 3/4 in ( 4.39 m)
Armament: Provisions for door-mounted 7.62 mm machine guns & two 19-tube CRV-7 rocket launchers
CH-135 Twin Huey helicopter on exercise with Land Force units. (CF Photo)

Bell CH-135 Twin Huey Bell CH-135 Twin Huey

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