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The CH-118 Iroquois was purchased after the success of the US UH-1 Huey in Vietnam. The CF purchased the "single" (engine) Huey originally for the tactical transport role but after the purchase of the Twin Huey aircraft the "single" Huey's were passed onto base rescue flight duties. (The use of the term "single" Huey was derived to differentiate this type from the later Twin Huey (twin engine) version)

These duties involved primarily Search and Rescue (SAR), aeromedical support, casualty evacuation and general utility duties. The aircraft were consequently fitted with a rescue hoist, medievac equipment and were flown in high visibility all-white or all-yellow rescue colour schemes. Only ten aircraft were purchased and following the write-off of one helicopter in a crash, the remaining nine aircraft served faithfully in these roles until their retirement in 1995.

The Iroquois served primarily in base rescue flights at Chatham, Moose Jaw, Bagotville and Cold Lake.

aircraft specifications
CDN Reg: CH-118
US/NATO Reg.: UH-1
Manufacturer: Bell Helicopter Company
Crew / Passengers: 2 pilots & 1 Flight Engineer plus up to 11 passengers or 6 litters
Power Plant(s): one 1,400 shp AVCO Lycoming T-53-L-13B turbo-shaft engine
Performance: Max Speed: 147 mph (237 km/h) Cruising Speed: 113 mph (182 km/h) Hover Ceiling: 6,000 ft (1,829 m) Range: 318 mi (511 km)
Weights: Empty: 4,973 lb (2,256 kg) Gross: 9,500 lb (4,309 kg)
Dimensions: Rotor Dia: 48 ft 0 in (14.63 m) Length: 41 ft 10 ¾ in ( 12.77 m) Height: 14 ft 6 in (4 .42 m) Disc Area : 1,809 sq ft (168.06 sq m)
Armament: None

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