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Canadair CX-131 DYNAVERT

The unique Canadair CL-84 Dynavert was started as a company private venture in response to NATO specification. The NATO requirement provided for a transport, reconnaissance, SAR and ground support aircraft that could take-off vertically, perform short take-off and landings (STOL).

Canadair's response was a relatively conventional appearing design which featured a wing, complete with turboshaft engines powering large 14 ft (4.3 m) diameter rotors, that could be tilted upward through100 degrees. The tailplane and twin vertical stabilizer's also pivoted and the most unconventional feature were horizontally mounted contra-rotating tail rotors.

This overall unique design foreshadowed the much later successful "tiltrotor" designs by Bell / Boeing. However, despite successful VTOL demonstrations by the prototype and by three subsequently improved trial aircraft, the Canadair Dynavert never achieved production status. The aircraft had been accepted by the Canadian Armed Forces for the trials and were also subject to extensive tests by the US Navy and Marine Corps. The Canadair aircraft helped pioneer the feasibility of the "tiltrotor" concept but unfortunately proved to be ahead of its time.

aircraft specifications
CDN Reg: CX-131
Manufacturer: Canadair Aircraft Ltd.
Crew / Passengers: two pilots in ejection seats
Power Plant(s): two 1,500 hp Lycoming T-53 turboshaft engines
Performance: Max Speed: 321 mph ( 517 km/h) Cruising Speed: 309 mph ( 497 km/h)
Service Ceiling: 10,000 ft (3,050 m) VTOL Range: 420 mi ( 677 km)
Weights: Empty: 8,775 lb ( 3,980 kg) Gross VTOL: 12,600 lb ( 5,714 kg) Gross STOL: 14,500 lb ( 6,577 kg)
Dimensions: Span: 34 ft 8 in ( 10.56 m) Length: 53 ft 7 1/2 in ( 16.34 m)Height (wing @ 90 deg): 17 ft 11/2 in (5.22 m) Wing Area: 233 sq ft (21.67 sq m)
Armament: None but provisions for two 100 gallon (455 litre) drop tanks
CX-131 Dynavert undergoing shipborne trials (CF Photos)

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