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Boeing CC-137 CC-137

The Boeing 707 was the most successful and versatile of the early jet airliners. The Canadian Forces acquired a fleet of five used Boeing 707-320C jet transports to provide long range strategic transport.

The aircraft were acquired to replace the Canadair Yukons in this same role. The aircraft were modified to a quick-change combi-configuration allowing the rapid change of passenger, cargo or combi-configurations.

Passenger - normally 170 seated but 212 may be installed by reducing seat spacing. More passengers may be carried in a critical situationsuch as the Pakistan evacuation where 241 were acommodated.
VIP - a stateroom was used for Heads of State and could seat 8 with 115 seats aft of the stateroom. A mini-capsule was available for senior officials and could accomodate 6 passengers with 155 high density seats aft. 
Mixed configuration - three pallets of cargo forward weighing 25,00 pounds/12,500 Kg with 112 seats aft. 
Cargo - up to 90,000 pounds/42,000 Kg over 2500 nautical miles/4000Km.
Medical evacuation - 60 litters plus 45 seats for support personnel. Air refuelling - along with the fuel itself, 50 passengers and 25,000 pounds/12,500 Kg of support equipment can be carried.

Configuration times varied from 4-20 hours depending on the previous configuration and the availability of personnel. No commercial carrier in the world had the capability of these varied configurations. This was facilitated by the installation of reinforced flooring and large dimension loading hatches. VIP interior configurations were also introduced and two aircraft (137703 & 137704) were adapted as long range strategic refuelers by the installation of wing-tip mounted Fletcher-Sergeant "probe and drogue" refueling pods

The CF 707's were retired in 1996 in favour of used A-310 Airbus aircraft and most of the ex-CF aircraft were bought to provide either the basis or spares for the J-Stars aircraft program.

aircraft specifications
CDN Reg: CC-137
US/NATO Reg.: B707-320
Manufacturer: Boeing Aircraft Corporation
Crew / Passengers: two pilots and crew plus up to 170 passengers & 88,900 lb (40,325 kg) cargo
Power Plant(s): four Pratt & Whitney 19,700 lb thrust JT3D-7 turbofan engines
Performance: Max Speed: mph ( km/h) Cruising Speed: 618 mph (994 km/h) Service Ceiling: 39,000 ft (11,887 m) Range: 7,638 mi (12,293 km)
Weights: Empty weight not revealed, maximum take-off 327,000 lb (148,325 kg).
Dimensions: Span 145 ft 9 in (44.42 m) Length 152 ft 11 in (46.61 m) Height 42 ft 5 in (12.93 m) Wing area 3,010.0 sq ft (279.63 m2).
Armament: None

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